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Exercising After Covid-19

Help your clients safely return to exercise after having COVID-19

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Helping fitness professionals with clients diagnosed with COVID-19.

The level of uncertainty that still surrounds this virus, coming back too soon and too fast can have long-lasting effects on your clients’ bodies. You might be noticing that many of these clients are struggling with the most basic of exercises, even if they had a mild or severe case of COVID-19 - which means they could be at higher risk for developing long covid and other health complications if they try to go back to their previous fitness level too quickly.

As a fitness professional, you play a vital role in getting your clients safely back on track with exercise. This Exercising After Covid-19 resource has been designed to give you the knowledge and skills to support your clients safely as they return to exercise after the virus.

This program will help your clients with their return to exercise after having COVID-19

What's Inside This Resource?

We have gathered the latest medical findings on COVID-19 and interviewed healthcare professionals to provide their advice on the key information that you need to know to ensure the health and wellbeing of your clients.  

Topics covered:

  • Latest medical advice.
  • The Impact of COVID-19 and exercise.
  • What Trainers need to know.
  • First-Hand Experience.
  • Mental Health.
  • Nutrition.
  • A gradual 3 Phase Fitness Program.
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1/3 of people who catch COVID-19 (whether they have mild, moderate, or severe symptoms) WILL EXPERIENCE a degree of ongoing symptoms.

The 3 Phase Fitness Program

The journey back to exercise after COVID-19 is unique to each person. We’ve included in this resource a 3 Phase Fitness Program designed to help your clients rebuild their fitness safely and gradually. 

The program is comprised of 20 workouts that vary in length, type, and intensity to give your clients the most comprehensive return to exercise plan possible. Each phase of the plan is designed to prepare your clients for the next one; so that they can achieve their goals in a sustainable way.

What's Inside The Program?

With over 5 hours of video workouts and 2 printable 'Return to Cardio' programs, This 3 Phase Program will make it easy to deliver to your clients.  Perfect for online zoom sessions, private Facebook groups and regular face-to-face sessions.

  • Yoga.
  • Low Slow Shadow Boxing.
  • Sub30 Cardio Restore.
  • Low Level Strength.
  • Sub30 Core Restore.
  • Return to Cardio – 4 Week programs, starting with Walking. 
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Our 3 Phase program is designed for people who have recovered from COVID-19 and are looking to get back into exercise. The program is suitable if your clients have been cleared by a doctor or health professional that they are well enough to start exercising again.

This Educational Resource and Fitness Program Will Help You To: 

Confidently support your clients who are returning after a COVID-19 diagnosis.
Exercising After having Covid-19
Retain your clients who have tested positive with a ready-to-go plan.
Warning Signs from returning to exercise too soon after having covid-19
Introduce a safe and gradual return to exercise, using the 3 Phase Fitness Program based on your clients needs.
Exhausted Client, Exercising After Covid-19
Apply what you have learnt to your clients and help them improve and manage their symptoms. 
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Exercising After COVID-19

Educational Resource and Fitness Program

Valuable Information All In One Place

Get the latest medical advice on COVID-19, learn and understand how it affects your clients' bodies, and watch interviews with health professionals. Includes 90 minutes of video content.

Support and Retain Your Clients

This educational resource and ready-made fitness program will give you the knowledge and confidence to guide your clients back to exercise safely.

Three Phase Fitness Program 

20 workouts that vary in length, type, and intensity to give your clients the most comprehensive return to exercise plan possible. Over 5 hours of video content and 2 'Return to Cardio' 4-Week printable programs.
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Copyright Kirstyn Campbell and Rebel Fitness Ltd, 2022. All rights reserved. This material is provided for information purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice. See full disclaimer before using the Material [Disclaimer - Exercising  After COVID-19]
"A fabulous resource for exercise trainers to help guide low-risk clients who do not have additional health concerns or symptoms through the initial phases of returning to exercise post-covid. The resource provides information from various health providers and gives a good insight with example ideas on how to assist trainers with their clients post-covid."

Megan Reyden

Clinical Exercise Physiologist
"This resource is so well researched and incredibly helpful. 
I can now feel confident that I can give my clients a safe return to exercise plan and help them be at ease with the process of not needing to rush their return after having Covid. So many of my clients just want to get right back into it. This resource will help me to support them both mentally and physically. Thanks, Sean and Kirstyn! "

Allison Everett

Fitness Trainer / Owner
Fitquest 360 - Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

Who are we?

As fitness trainers and industry educators, Kirstyn Campbell and Sean McCrory have seen the effects of COVID-19 on their clients’ health and fitness. After interviewing many other fellow fitness professionals, they discovered that trainers were struggling in knowing how to help their clients return to exercise safely after having the virus.

In response, Kirstyn and Sean created this resource to bridge the gap between the latest medical advice and fitness professionals. This resource has been designed to provide trainers with the knowledge and tools to help their clients who have had COVID-19 return to exercise safely.
Fitness Professional Kirstyn Campbell

Kirstyn Campbell

Kirstyn Campbell is a Mum’s Health & Fitness Specialist, Coach & Educator from New Zealand. Kirstyn is passionate about training women safely and effectively, As well as creating courses and educational workshops for trainers and health professionals. In 2021, Kirstyn was awarded Educator of the Year finalist for both the Exercise New Zealand Industry Awards and Fitness Education Online.
Sean-McCrory Sub30 Workout Founder

Sean McCrory

Sean McCrory is a Core Training Specialist, Fitness Coach and Educator from Australia. Sean’s passion and area of expertise began with a focus on the core region. Sean has created educational courses and audio workout programs to help trainers focus on this often-neglected area. In 2021, Sean was awarded Educator of the Year by Fitness Education Online.

Kirstyn's Personal COVID-19 Story

Kirstyn Campbell - KC FIT
"As a fitness professional, I thought I understood how to listen to my body and return to exercise after a positive COVID-19 diagnosis. I was wrong.

I thought that, just 10 days after being sick, I’d be fine getting back into my favourite hobby—playing touch rugby with my friends. I was wrong.

As soon as the game started, all the symptoms that had plagued me during my illness—headache, chesty burning cough, fatigue, elevated heart rate—returned in full force. Within minutes of starting, I had to stop and go home. The next day, I was bedridden with a painful headache and lingering fatigue.

I got cocky—I rushed my progression and let pride get in the way of listening to my body. It was a great reality check!

Since then, I’ve visited my GP and been directed to safer options for returning to exercise.

Now, I’m working my way through the Three Phases of our fitness program included in our Exercising After COVID-19 Resource and learning more about long-covid so that I can prevent it from happening again. 

Being more patient and trusting the process has helped me get back on track, feel more myself and soon enough I will be back playing touch rugby with my friends again."

Copyright Kirstyn Campbell and Rebel Fitness Ltd, 2022. All rights reserved. 
This material is provided for information purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice. See full disclaimer before using the Material [Disclaimer - Exercising After COVID-19]
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