Audio Workouts For Fitness Professionals

Sub30 Audio Workouts

Sub30 audio workout programs are designed for fitness professionals to run with their clients. 

The range of Sub30 audio workouts available will not only get results but also help you retain clients and help grow your fitness business.

We make work easy

Stop spending hours planning new sessions for your clients. Each workout is delivered in a fun and engaging format with music, trainer timings, and voice commands.  

New programs are on their way! 
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Sub30 Core

The New Way To Deliver Core Training

Sub30 Core Workouts successfully improve and strengthen the core region of your clients like never before! 

Each workout is delivered in under 30 minutes in our signature audio-guided format.  Featuring upbeat music, trainer timings, and voice commands, you won't have to spend time designing programs again. 

All the hard work has been done for you! Simply plug-in and play! 
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Sub30 Core Restore

Rebuilding The Core Safely and Effectively

Sub30 Core Restore workouts are entry-level workouts designed to help those with lower back problems, a weak core, or new and existing mums.

Each Sub30 Core Restore Workout is delivered in our signature audio mp3 format with calm music, trainer prompt timings, and voice commands. 
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To deliver these workouts to your clients you need to be a Certified Sub30 Core Restore Trainer. Follow the link above to learn more. 
pre postnatal core restoreSub30-Plus-Mp3-Workout-Program-by-Sub30-Fitness

Sub30 Plus

The Ultimate Core Cardio Workout

Sub30 Plus Workouts bring together the intensity of core targeting exercises and HIIT Cardio style exercises. 

Designed in our signature audio mp3 format, each 35 - 40 minute workout is designed with upbeat music, timings, and voice commands. 
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Sub30 Boxing

Get That Full-body Workout Feeling!

Sub30 Boxing Audio Workouts are designed with flexibility so that they can be used with a punching bag, shadow boxing, dumbbells, or using hand weights.

Each workout includes speed boxing, power punches, core exercises, and combination circuits to ensure your clients get the ultimate full-body workout.
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Sub30 Boxing Audio Workouts imageSub30-Cardio-Restore-Workout-Bundle

Sub30 Cardio Restore

Low-impact exercises that build fitness, strength, and confidence.

This program is a perfect low-impact session for people wanting to return to exercise after a long hiatus, those looking to get fitter and stronger gently or returning after injury or childbirth, etc.
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What fitness trainers are saying about us

  • “ I have never come across a product as unique as Sub30 Core.™ Most of my core workouts to date have been 5-10 minutes at the back end of my classes, never so targeted as Sub30. Also, one of the great benefits of using these workouts, is they are all done for you and ready to go. You quickly learn the exercises and regressions (if needed). So, it gives me less time to plan my classes and more time to work on other areas of my business. 

    Paul Barnes

    Move Generation Fitness
  • "I love these workouts. After I tried Sub30 Core™ - Courage I was hooked. This is truly the best core targeted workout I’ve come across in my time within the fitness industry."

    Wendy Panossian

    United Health and Fitness
  • "I just completed the Sub30 Core Restore course with Kirstyn and it was amazing. I have done my pre and post-natal qualification in the past and it was nowhere near as informative as the Core Restore course. The best part was not only knowing what happens to clients' bodies after birth but how to safely and effectively coach them with the workouts to restore core & pelvic floor strength. I learnt so much & can’t wait to implement the program with my clients. This is a must for anyone who trains mums. "

    Josh Cauchi

    Personal Trainer at Anytime Fitness
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