Audio Workouts For Fitness Professionals

Fitness trainers, it's time to join 
the Sub30 Fitness revolution!

Developed in Australia, Sub30 Fitness audio workouts have been transforming the way fitness professionals all over the world deliver their client workout sessions. 

Designed for fitness professionals to run with their clients, these 20min mp3 workouts can be undertaken anytime and anywhere.


Sub30 Fitness Audio Workouts have expanded to include core workouts, restorative core workouts, a combination of cardio and core as well as our new release of boxing workouts. 

Each workout has been designed with upbeat music, exercise timings, and voice commands to help you deliver fitness training in a fun and engaging way.
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New Release

Sub30 Cardio Restore

Our latest audio workout program is a series low-impact exercises that build fitness, strength, and confidence in a safe and effective manner.
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Sub30 Core

The new way to deliver core training! Improve and strengthen the core region of your clients like never before!
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Sub30 Core Restore

Rebuilding the core safely and effectively to help those with lower back problems, a weak core, or new and existing mums.
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Sub30 Plus

The Ultimate Cardio Core Workout! Bring together the intensity of core targeting exercises and HIIT Cardio style exercises. 
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Sub30 Boxing

A full-body workout designed with flexible delivery options to ensure boxers enjoy safely and effectively.
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Watch the video of Sub30 Core in action

Sub30 Fitness workouts have been designed for fitness trainers to run via Group sessions, PT sessions, Boot camps, Gyms, Indoor or outdoor training, Yoga, and fitness studios. You can even deliver these workouts online to reach your clients remotely!

Why choose and use Sub30 Fitness audio workouts?

Sub30 workouts are bodyweight workouts, so no equipment is required. This allows you to deliver challenging workouts to your clients, anytime, anywhere. 

Plug in & Play

Simply download the workout to your mobile device and play - anytime,anywhere.

New Workouts Every Month

Challenge your clients with a new Sub30 workout delivered to your inbox every month!
**Sub30 Core  & Sub 30 Core Restore Subscribers Only**

Exercise Video Demonstrations

Beginner and advanced exercise options for clients along with PDF timed instructions and video demonstrations.

Branded MP3 Workouts 

Each individual audio workout has its own unique name and exercise timing commands with upbeat background music. 

Leon Melnicenko

Owner – Unique Bootcamp Workouts
“As a fitness trainer, I’m always looking for new and exciting ways to keep things fun for my clients. When I introduced them to Sub30 Core™, they were blown away. The workouts are incredibly fun, the music is super motivating, and the drills are all different with their own unique challenge. They have brought a whole new level of excitement to my training programme. Thank you for this fantastic resource.”

Laura Mackie

Trainer / Paramount Fitness
five star review
“Absolutely love the Sub30 Core™ workouts!! It sets the core on fire! The fact that it's less than 30 minutes is fantastic!! Definitely looking forward to the next one!”

Wendy Panossian

United Health and Fitness
"I love these workouts. After I tried Sub30 Core™ - Courage I was hooked. This is truly the best core targeted workout I’ve come across in my time within the fitness industry."

Paul Barnes

Owner – Move Generation Fitness
“I have been running my group fitness business for over three years and I can honestly say that I have never come across a product as good as Sub30 Core™. The workouts are challenging, varied, unique and they definitely work! I'm now a huge fan and would highly recommend these products to all trainers, gym operators and group fitness instructors”.

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