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Sub30 Cardio Restore

Our latest audio workout program is a series of low-level entry exercises to help people increase their cardiovascular fitness in a safe and effective manner.
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All the session planning work has been done for you. The voice commands on the audio track eliminate the worry about timing, allowing you to focus more on the form and technique of your clients.  Combined with a trainer exercise video to give you cues and tips on how to best coach the exercises for each clients level and ability.


Our Sub30 Cardio Restore Audio Workouts are a combination of challenging low-impact exercises that we show you how to regress if needed that target the upper, lower, and core regions. These exercises have been carefully designed to help your clients get stronger and fitter without the need for intimidating high-intensity exercises. Each workout is under 30 minutes and delivered in our signature Sub30 audio-guided format with upbeat music, timings, and voice commands. 


This program is a perfect low-impact session for people wanting to return to exercise after a long hiatus, those looking to get fitter and stronger gently or returning after injury or childbirth, etc. People often lack confidence and are nervous about grueling high-intensity sessions. These workouts provide a safe, low-impact, low-intensity environment allowing your clients to build their confidence and fitness gradually. 

How to deliver Sub30 Cardio Restore Workouts

All the hard work has been done for you!

Just Hit Play!

Once you have downloaded the workouts to your smartphone. Simply hit play - the voice commands and energising music will guide your clients through the workout. All you have to do is what you do best! Focus on your clients, encourage and maintain form.

Delivery Options

Sub30 Cardio Restore audio workouts have been designed for fitness trainers to deliver to their clients via:
• Group sessions
• PT sessions
• Gyms
• Indoor or outdoor training
• Online training sessions


The exercises in Sub30 Cardio Restore workouts are easy to regress and progress to cater to a range of both entry-level and more advanced clients. Each workout targets the challenging areas our clients want to target; arms, core, and booty. Along with a great exercise demonstration video with helpful cues and tips on how to help your clients maintain form and get the most out of each workout.


deliver workouts with ease
safe and challenging exercises
video exercise demonstrations to teach form

Sub30 Cardio Restore Workout Bundle 2

Three Audio Workouts

This exciting new program includes 3 individual audio (mp3) workouts called BLAZE, DYNAMITE, and INVIGORATE. 

Easy To Use

Simply download to your smart phone and press play! 

Trainer Workout Guides

We give you a pdf printable with all the workout exercises and timings listed so you can deliver the workout with ease and confidence. 

Exercise Demonstration Video

Get to know the exercises in greater detail with our helpful demonstration video. 

Bonus Inclusion: Social Media Posts

Ready to post images and post copy to help you start promoting the program to community. 
Price in Australian Dollars

*** Double Bundle Offer ***

Purchase Sub30 Cardio Restore Bundle 2 and Bundle 1 for a discounted price - Saving of $25
Price in Australian Dollars

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Sub30 Cardio Restore Bundle 1

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Australian Dollars
Three Sub30 Cardio Restore Audio Workouts [mp3]
Easy To Use
Trainer Workout Guide [PDF]
Exercise Demonstration Video

Sub30 Cardio Restore Creators

After the successful release of the Pre, Postnal Core Restore Workshop and member-exclusive Sub30 Core Restore workout program, Kirstyn and Sean have joined forces again to create Sub30 Cardio Restore. 
Fitness Professional Kirstyn Campbell
"I’m very driven and passionate about training women safely and effectively. Creating courses and workshops to help upskill trainers and health professionals, helping them to understand their female clients’ bodies better, understanding how to help repair and work with the changes that happen throughout their lifespan. Helping them get as fit and strong as they’d like with strong core foundations."
Program Excellence Finalist 2019, 2020
Educator of the Year Finalist 2021 - Exercise New Zealand Industry Awards
Educator of the Year Finalist 2021 - Fitness Education Online
Mum’s Health & Fitness Specialist, Coach & Educator
Sean-McCrory Sub30 Workout Founder
"As a trainer of 13 years, my passion and area of expertise have always been in the core region. Realising the core is the least understood and most neglected area for most fitness professionals. I decided to change that by creating the Sub30 Core Program and bring a new focus to the core region through education and training."
Educator of the Year 2021 - Fitness Education Online
Core Training Expert
Fitness Coach & Educator 
Sub30 Workout Program Creator
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