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Sub30 Plus Audio Workouts

The Ultimate cardio core workout program is here

The newly released Sub30 Plus is a series of 35 - 40 min exciting cardio and core workouts. Delivered in the popular Sub30 audio-guided format with upbeat music, timings, and voice commands.

Designed for fitness professionals to run with their clients, these exciting audio workouts can be undertaken anytime and anywhere.


Sub30 Plus Audio Workouts Bundle 3

Sub30 Plus Workout Bundle 3

Sub30 Plus Bravehart
Sub30 Plus Slayer & Sub30 Plus Fierce

Three Sub30 Plus Audio Workouts

Our third release includes 3 individual audio workouts called BRAVEHEART, SLAYER, and FIERCE. 

Easy To Use

Simply download to your smart phone and press play! 

Trainer Workout Guides

We give you a pdf printable with all the workout exercises and timings listed so you can deliver the workout with ease and confidence. 

Exercise Demonstration Videos

Get to know the exercises in greater detail with our provided demonstration video. Includes advanced and beginner options to suit your clients' fitness level. 

Stop spending hours planning out workouts

All the hard work has been done for you!
Simply plug in and play - the voice commands and upbeat music will guide your clients through the workout. All you have to do is what you do best! Focus on your clients, encourage and maintain form. 
Sub30 Core Workouts

Fitness Trainers

Sub30 Plus audio workouts have been designed for fitness trainers to deliver to their clients via:

• Group sessions
• PT sessions
• Gyms
• Indoor or outdoor training
• Virtual online training sessions
Sub30 Core™ Exercise Demonstraion

All Fitness Levels

Sub30 Plus workouts are designed for all fitness levels. Each exercise has an advanced and beginner option. Exercise variations are provided in trainer demonstration videos.

Combination Workout

Sub30 Plus combines fat burning cardio exercises with core strengthening exercises all in one exciting 35min workout. All the planning has been done for you - simply download and play!
Upbeat Music
Voice Commands
No Equipment required
"I have just introduced Sub30 Plus to my clients and they absolutely LOVE it!
It combines HIIT/Cardio and Core in one workout and the whole thing is done in under 35 minutes. It’s intense but a good hurt and it’s just awesome.
Sean this is genius! You’ve definitely hit the nail on the head with this one. I’ve already added this to two time slots a week on my timetable and my clients are ecstatic. 🔥👊🏻💪🏻"  - Marissa - Carine Outdoor Fitness (Perth)
"I love the simplicity of Sub30 Plus. Having a program like this saves me hours of stressing over cardio routines and finding new exercises. My members love the challenge and the excitement of each new workout. Although they claim to hate me at the time, there’s always sweaty smiles and high 5s at the end of class."  - Ellen Dooley - Infuse Fitness

More  Sub30  Plus  Audio  Workouts


Sub30 Plus Workout Bundle 2

Sub30 Plus Bundle 2

Sub30 Plus Workout - DIEHARD
Sub30 Plus Workout - WILD
Sub30 Plus Workout - DARING
Australian Dollars
Two Sub30 Plus Audio Workouts [mp3]
Easy To Use
Trainer Workout Guide [PDF]
Exercise Demonstration Video
Sub30 Plus Workout Bundle 1

Sub30 Plus Bundle 1 

Sub30 Plus Workout - ZEST
Sub30 Plus Workout - HEAT

Australian Dollars
Two Sub30 Plus Audio Workouts [mp3]
Easy To Use
Trainer Workout Guide [PDF]
Exercise Demonstration Video
Free Sub30 Plus Mp3 Workout
You get a FREE 35 minute workout mp3, for fitness trainers + trainer printout + exercise explanation videos. 
Plus get great tips & monthly updates.
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