Audio Workouts For Fitness Professionals

Sub30 Core Audio Workouts

Join the Sub30 Core workout revolution and start delivering targeted core workouts to your clients. Designed for fitness professionals to run with their clients, these 20min audio guided workouts can be undertaken anytime and anywhere.

Workouts are available in a Trainer Starter Pack, individually, or get a new Sub30 Core workout every month by joining our membership community.

Get started with Sub30 Core audio workouts today

Stop spending hours planning new sessions for your clients. 

Trainer Starter Pack

$45 (AUD)
The ultimate trainer starter pack includes three Sub30 Core audio workouts. Simply download, plug in and play! Each workout comes with their own PDF Trainer printout for session timings and exercise demonstration. 
Sub30 Core Workout - Merge
Watch Exercise Demo
Sub30 Core Workout - Monstrous
Watch Exercise Demo
Sub30 Core  Workout -Ruthless
Watch Exercise Demo

ATOMIC Workout

$15 (AUD)
Single workout
Track Time: 20.15 mins
12 different exercises 

Workout includes: 
PDF Trainer printout for session timings and exercise demonstration.
Watch Exercise DemonstrationPURCHASE


$15 (AUD)
Single workout
Track Time: 20.55 mins
8 different exercises 

Workout includes: 
PDF Trainer printout for session timings and exercise demonstration.
Watch Exercise DemonstrationPURCHASE

Try out a sub30 core audio workout for FREE!

This is a great opportunity to try our core targeting workout format before committing to a monthly membership. 

Simply fill in your details below and we'll send through a copy of the Sub30 Core - Fire & Ice Audio Workout.
Watch the exercise demo here.
Sub30 Core Workout- Fire and Ice
“I have been running my group fitness business for over three years and I can honestly say that I have never come across a product as unique as Sub30 Core.™ Most of my core workouts to date have been 5-10 minutes at the back end of my classes, never so targeted as Sub30. Also, one of the great benefits of using these workouts, is they are all done for you and ready to go. You quickly learn the exercises and regressions (if needed). So, it gives me less time planning my classes and more time to work on other areas of my business. 

I have used many of the Sub30 Core™ workouts on both my clients and my own personal training and I always find they hit the spot. They are challenging, varied, unique and they definitely work! I'm now a huge fan of all the Sub30 Core™ workouts and would highly recommend these products to all trainers, gym operators and group fitness instructors.”

Paul Barnes

Owner / Move Generation Fitness

Enjoy  The Benefits Of Membership

A Sub30 Core Membership is so much more than accessing a new workout every month. It's a community and resource hub for fitness  professionals. 

Sub30 Core Member Benefits

* available to certified fitness professionals only *

A new Sub30 Core audio workout released every month

Marketing resources to help you promote Sub30 Core™ workouts to your clients

Exclusive access to our workout library to purchase additional workouts

Access to exclusive exercise demonstration library

Access our members only Sub30 Core™ Apparel Store

Incredible ongoing support and exclusive access to our Private Facebook Group

- Memberships -
Frequently asked questions

What is the Sub30 Core™ Starter Pack?

We have designed this pack to get you started. It comprises of 3 workouts. Once you purchase this pack you will have the option to become a monthly subscriber of  Sub30 Core™ workouts.

What is a Sub30 Core™ Member/Subscriber and what will I receive?

Once you become a Sub30 Core™ subscriber you will receive a new Sub30 Core™ workout every month. Plus, gain access to our private members page and join our private Facebook group.

What is on the private membership page?

You will have access to core-based workouts and challenges to use within your fitness business. As well as access to our exercise video library. You will be able to purchase previous Sub30 Core™ workouts and merchandise clothing as well.

How much is subscription?

Just $15 (Australian dollars) per month.

Can I cancel my subscription at any stage?

Yes, the cancellation procedure is quick and simple.

Can I purchase monthly released Sub30 Core™ workouts without being a subscriber?

Unfortunately no, you do need to be a subscriber. However, you can purchase our Starter Pack and be able to buy 2 additional individual Sub30 Core™ workouts from our website.
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