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Boxing For fitness

Discover a new way of delivering Boxing circuits to your clients

Our newly released resource - Boxing For Fitness has been designed especially for trainers. It is jammed packed full of helpful tips for teaching basic boxing techniques along with over 50 circuits that focus on speed, power, and core work. 

Boxing is a great way to build cardiovascular fitness, stamina, endurance, coordination, and balance, by adding Boxing For Fitness you will now make it fun and challenging for your clients.
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Boxing For Fitness Trainer Resource Guide by Sub30 Fitness


Proper form and technique are key to a safe yet effective boxing workout. Our educational chapters will give you expert advice, hints, and tips on all areas of boxing for fitness.
Foot Placement
Pivoting and Hip Rotation
Breathing  Technique
Pad Holding
Punching Techniques

50 Boxing Circuits

You'll never have to think up a boxing circuit again! 

We've included 50 effective and scalable boxing circuits for you to use. Covering speed, power, and core combinations, these boxing circuits will challenge your clients at each and every session. 

20 Speed Boxing Circuits

High intensity to increase the heart rate.
Jab-Cross-Hook-Uppercut combinations along with some running.

15 Power Combinations

Authentic boxing combinations.
Strong focus on punching technique, footwork, and power.

10 Boxing Core Circuits

Improves core strength.
Improves overall power, mobility, and endurance.

5 Power Circuits

3-minute circuits, designed to feel like a 3 minute boxing round.
Various boxing combinations.

Sub30 Boxing Audio Workouts

Included in the Boxing For Fitness Resource are three Sub30 Boxing audio workouts. Here's the fun part - you get to choose the bundle that best suits you and your fitness business.  The differences are explained below.
Sub30 Boxing Audio Workouts - Single Boxer

Single Boxer Workouts

Trainer Resource Guide :
Includes Single Boxer Workouts


Sub30 Boxing Audio WorkoutsBundle 1

3 x Sub30 Boxing Single Boxer Workouts

Valued at $57.00 AUD
For fitness trainers who run sessions with clients online, 1 on 1, shadow boxing, hand weights, or using a punching bag.

Easy To Use 

Printable Trainer Workout Guides

Circuit Demonstration Videos

Sub30 Boxing Audio Workouts - Partner

Partner Boxing Workouts

Trainer Resource Guide :
Includes Partner Boxing Workouts


Boxing Partner Workout Bundle

3 x Sub30 Boxing Partner Workouts

Valued at $77.00 AUD
For Fitness Trainers who run group boxing sessions that involve boxing clients workout as partners and pad holders.

Easy To Use

Trainer Workout Guides

Circuit Demonstration Videos

"If you are a fitness trainer who runs boxing sessions then Sub30 Boxing For Fitness is a must-have resource. This is jammed packed with some of the best circuits I've seen in a long time. There is enough content to run hundreds of different boxing sessions. Sean has a natural talent for designing workouts and Sub30 Boxing For Fitness is no different. 
Jono Petrohilos - Fitness Education Online

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