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Sub30 Core has joined forces with KC Fit’s Kirstyn Campbell to help fitness professionals worldwide understand the importance of training the core region in a safe and effective manner. Sub30 Core Restore is a series of entry level workouts in mp3 format designed to target:
New and Existing Mums
Pelvic Floor and TA (Transverse Abdominals)
Diastasis Recti (Ab Separation)
Rebuilding a Weak Core
Lower Back Problems


Sub30 Core Restore workouts are entry level workouts designed to rebuild the core safely and effectively.

Plug in & Play

Simply download the mp3 workout to your mobile device and play - anytime, anywhere.

Exercise Video Demonstrations

Specialty entry level exercises for clients along with PDF timed instructions and in-depth video demonstrations.


Subscribers will receive full support and education on all aspects of training new Mums.

A New Workout Every Month

Subscribers will receive a fresh and new Sub30 Core Restore™ workout delivered to your inbox every month!

Branded MP3 Workouts 

Each individual mp3 workout has its own unique name and exercise timing commands with calming music.


We've done all the hard work for you! Target new and existing customers by adding Sub30 Core™ Restore mp3 workouts to your timetable.

Helping ALL Mums

We focus on helping Mums (new & exisiting) with Pelvic Floor, TA and Diastasis Recti issues.

Build Confidence

Giving clients back that confidence to undertake all manner of exercises and tasks.

Strengthen Back Muscles

Those with back problems or a weak core will benefit from these workouts.

Better Posture

Improving core stability, strength, and Posture.
KC Fit core exercise demonstration image
KC Fit core exercise demonstration image
KC Fit core exercise demonstration image

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Our 4 hour educational workshop is designed for fitness trainers wanting to gain knowledge and understanding in how to safely and effectively rebuild their female client core regions. 
Learn Deep Core Antatomy
Learn how to teach activation of the Pelvic Floor and TA
Learn how to help your clients with Ab Separation 
Ongoing expert advice and business support
Free mp3 workouts included!
Become a certified Sub30 Core Restore Trainer

Get started with Sub30 Core™ Restore!

Try out a Sub30 Core Restore Mp3 Workout for FREE!

This is a great opportunity to try our core restoration mp3 workout format before committing to the workshop! Simply sign-up to our mailing list and we'll send you Sub30 Core™ Restore mp3 - Foundation workout for FREE!
Fitness Professional Kirstyn Campbell

Sub30 Core Restore Co-Creator

I’m mum of 2 adorable kids Micaela and Ethan, wife to one cheeky husband Chad, based in a small country town Huapai, in the Northwest of Auckland, New Zealand. I’m very driven and passionate about training women safely & effectively for their body. Teaching mum’s how to repair their body to get as fit and strong as they’d like with strong core foundations. 

With the increase of mum’s wanting specialized exercise, in June 2017 I went online launching an online fitness membership for mum’s ‘KC Fit @ HOME’ supporting over 200 mum’s nationwide, and have online foundational courses ‘Sneeze without Wees’ and ‘KC Fit Core Restore’ which are approved and supported by a Women’s Health Physio to ensure their accuracy and effectiveness.

I’ve had the pleasure of creating a pelvic course for trainers ‘Pelvic Floor Essentials for Fitness Professionals’ and am now running workshops to help upskill other trainers, helping them to understand how to train their female clients.

The Sub30 Core Restore workout program is designed by
Sub30 Core™ and KC Fit.
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