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Terms and Conditions for use of Sub30 Core™ mp3 Workouts:


Sub30 Fitness™ is the owner of the trade mark and trading names (Sub30 Fitness™ / Sub30 Core™ / Sub30 Cardio™) As a subscribing member of Sub30 workouts you have permission to use our name, logo and marketing material as part of promoting fitness workouts within your business. Sub30 Fitness/Core marketing material that includes logos, images and flyers must only be used to promote and/or advertise Sub30 workouts within your fitness business. Only marketing material from our membership site can be used for advertising and promotions purposes.Any false advertising, misuse or copyright of the Sub30 brand will result in your subscription being cancelled and possible proceedings taken place. If you are unsure or would like further clarification on the above matter, please contact us at


Each certified Sub30 trainer must have their own public liability and professional insurance cover. The owner(s) of this workout cannot be held responsible for any injury, illness or the health of any individual participating in Sub30 workouts. Ensure each workout must be conducted in a safe environment and it’s the responsibility of those taking part to consult a Doctor prior to commencing this exercise program.

Sub30 mp3 workouts are for professional fitness use only. All fitness professionals must be fully qualified in their country of trading and training to deliver Sub30 workouts. Qualifications to include Group Fitness and Gym Instructor. All Sub30 mp3 workouts must be delivered as per the video, audio and written instructors. They are not to be altered in any way.

Sub30 Fitness™ must be notified in writing immediately of any legal proceedings against you as a result of participants injury as a result of Sub30 workouts.


All Sub30 workouts are protected under copyright agreements. Buyers of this product are prohibited to resell or reproduce product to any third party. You must notify Sub30 Fitness™ immediately if you discover another Third Party who is in breach of our copyright terms and conditions.

Sub30 Fitness reserves™ the right to terminate monthly subscriptions and/or take legal action against any member breaching our copyright terms and conditions. Members have have the right to unsubscribe/ cancel any time. Please refer to our privacy policy for more information.

Please contact Sub30 Fitness™ for any issues and/or questions regarding terms and conditions.

Updated: 23rd February 2020

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