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The Sub30 Core Online Fitness Training Course provides fitness professionals with the knowledge and a better understanding of the anatomy, the structure, and the science behind the core. 

What is Sub30 Core™?

Sub30 Core is a specialised core training program that helps fitness trainers deliver incredible results in a fun and effective way. 

Built around the latest upbeat music tracks, voice commands guide participants through a series of unique audio-based workouts, so you can give your clients 100% of your attention.

As a Sub30 Core™ Certified trainer, you will have the credentials to offer something fresh and exciting to your local community. 

When you add Sub30 Core™ workouts into your business you'll have people queuing through the door to take part in these classes.

A word from Sean...  

Sean McCrory is a fully qualified fitness trainer with over 10 years of experience in the industry. He successfully built from scratch one of the largest outdoor fitness bootcamps in Australia and has designed the Sub30 Core™ online training course. 

Watch this short video to gain greater insight to the course, bonus inclusions and more! 

Learning Modules

Conveniently delivered online, the Sub30 Core™ Training Course covers everything you'll need to know to help your clients achieve the results they desire.

Core Education: 

Anatomy and movement of the core
Core injury prevention
Breathing and bracing
Pelvic positioning
Activating your core
Core stretching and strengthening 
videos and tips

World Leading Expert Advice:

Understanding the core - Dr Stuart McGill
Glutes and erector spinae  - A video presentation by Dr Samuel Webster
Woman’s Health - Nadia Norman

Sub30 Core™ Workouts: 

Tips on running a Sub30 Core™ Workout
Bringing Sub30 Core™ into your fitness business
Download access to 4x Sub30 Core™ workouts

Here's What You'll Gain....


On successful completion of the course you will become a Fitness Australia, CEC certified Sub30 Core Trainer.


You will learn how to break down core movements into easy steps to demonstrate to your clients.


Learn how to prevent core injury.


Learn at your own pace. This course is delivered online with the support of our expert course delivery team.


On completion and certification of the course you will receive FOUR Sub30 Core™ Workout MP3's.  

PLUS all the supporting materials ready for you to start delivering Sub30 Core to your clients.
This course is approved by Fitness Australia and awards 9 CEC points on successful completion. 
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Get Certified

For just $347! 
Advance your career with the Sub30 Core™ Certification
* This course is for fully qualified Fitness Trainers only *
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Frequently asked questions

Is this course approved by Fitness Australia?

Yes, the Sub30 Core™ Trainer Course has been approved and is also being promoted by Fitness Australia. This course has been allocated 9 CEC points.

Has any other international fitness governing bodies approved this course?

Not as yet, but we plan to contact these bodies in the near future.

Will I be a Certified Sub30 Core™ Trainer once I pass the course?

Yes, you will receive your certificate within 3 working days of completion. Once received, you will be able to promote and advertise yourself as a Sub30 Core™ Certified Fitness Trainer.

How long will the course take to complete?

There are 10 to 12 hours worth of core based content in this course. You do have the option to work at your own pace and save your progress, then return at a later time to finish.
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