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 Disclaimer - Exercising After Covid-19 

The Material (including without limitation the website, programs, videos, resources, and other written, visual and audio material) was created by Kirstyn Campbell, trading as KC Fit and Rebel Fitness Ltd (together the Owners) as of March 2022, all rights reserved.
The Material is intended for use by fitness professionals, and not the general public.

All reasonable measures were taken to ensure the quality of the Material at the time it was created, but the Material is provided only for general education and informational purposes. The Material is not a substitute for individual professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, or for the professional judgement of the user.

The Owners do not make any warranty, assume any legal liability or take any responsibility for the use of or the accuracy, completeness or correctness of the Material. Developments in research, medicine, health and fitness may impact the Material. No assurance is given that the Material will always include the most recent findings or developments. The Material may be amended at any time without notice.
The Owners are not responsible for and do not make any warranty regarding the views, opinions, advice, content, presentation or any other information of any third party, including without limitation of any person, entity or website interviewed, referenced or linked to in the Material.

All Material is used at the sole risk of the person using it. This is not a rehabilitation program.

By choosing to use the Material you assume full responsibility for any and all loss, liability, death or injury (physical or mental), damage, costs, and expenses to self and others, and you fully indemnify and hold harmless the Owners against any and all claims, proceedings and demands, including by third parties, arising out of or related to the Material in any way.

There is inherent risk in any exercise or physical activity. If you or any third party using the Material begins to feel faint, dizzy, short of breath, have physical discomfort or any signs or effects, you should stop immediately and consult a medical professional.

This disclaimer forms a part of the Material, and the Material must be read, viewed, considered, listened to, and used in conjunction with this disclaimer.

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