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How I got 150 new participants to join my fitness program

April 1, 2021

Every year within my local community I run free fitness-based events. The aim is to get people moving, improve their self-confidence, as well as teaching correct exercise form/techniques.  In previous years I have designed and launched events such as Introduction to Fitness, Bootcamp for Beginners, and Learning to Run, all of which are free and conducted face to face. Conducting free events usually means the uptake is quite high and I usually find it quite easy to get full capacity (max 30 people).

Knowing my why

I organise these events to get people moving but I also do it for several other reasons: 

1. To give something back to my local community.

2. To re-establish (or establish) myself as the local fitness trainer.

3. As an opportunity to find new paying customers for my fitness business.

Helping local mums in my neighbourhood

This year I decided to do something a little different and organised a free 4-week online core restore program. The aim of this event was to help the local mums in my neighbourhood who have suffered from weak or damaged core regions after having children. Examples of this are Diastasis Recti, weak back, leakage, pelvic floor issues, and incontinence. I decided to conduct this event online, giving the participants the opportunity to undertake the program at a time that suited them.

The response was incredible! By simply promoting this event on my local residents' Facebook, 150 mums registered to take part. Even though it was a remarkable number, it was something that didn’t surprise me. Having studied this subject in detail recently, I have come to learn that a large percentage of mums have damage to their core region as a result of childbirth and for some, it causes both physical and mental issues. Unfortunately, the vast majority simply view these issues as a normal part of life and the cost of having babies. I cannot stress enough that there is nothing normal about leaking and there is nothing normal about having to wear a pad as a result of having children. It is common but it is not normal.

It’s a subject that I’ve become very passionate about. 

Positioning yourself as a leading female health trainer

As a trainer, putting your time, effort, and training into this area is a win-win situation.  You will be helping the 80% of mums who suffer from leakage as well as positioning yourself as the leading female health trainer within your local community. That can only be good for business and branding.

My aim is to get as many trainers as possible involved in running a 4-week core restore program within their local community. Let’s try and help as many mums as possible to rebuild and repair the core issues they are suffering from.

If you are interested and want to obtain more information on this subject please email me and I will be in touch.

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