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Are Abs Made in The Kitchen? [3 min read]

December 17, 2019

We’ve all heard that well-known fitness mantra: "Abs are made in the kitchen." Those googling tips and nutrition advice on wanting a flatter stomach or wanting a ripped, chiseled core (think Brad Pitt from Fight Club) have definitely come across the above quote. But just how true is it?

I’ll be honest and say I’m not a huge fan of this mantra. I totally get the fact that it’s simply trying to highlight the importance that nutrition plays for those wanting a six-pack. But it’s a tad misleading.

My biggest issue with it, (and the articles I read on the subject) is that it doesn’t put enough importance, or it undersells the role that exercise plays for those wanting well defined abdominal/core muscles.

I have a saying here at Sub30 Core and its: Abs are made during exercise and revealed in the kitchen.

There is no doubting nutrition plays a massive part in helping you drop body fat, as well as muscle development. It’s definitely going to help you get rid of the belly and back fat, along with those love handles (eventually).

But it’s from proper training that you target, develop and grow muscle. It’s the reason why naturally skinny people who don’t exercise have no muscle definition. Core focussed training 3 times a week (with rest days in between) is an essential part of the process. Variety is also the key. Mixing up your core exercises is crucial, as it allows for your core muscles to be challenged, reduce the chance of injury and overcome a plateau.

On the surface, the quote sounds good and is a great sales tool for marketing/selling. But when you dig a bit deeper and do your research you’ll find both nutrition and exercise together will get you that dream core, not nutrition alone.

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